What’s driving employee satisfaction

One thing I love about startups is that they’re essentially big “natural social experiments.” Like, ask any other startup what they’re calling their OKRs/all hands meetings/product artefacts/roadmap/etc., and you’ll get wildly different answers – which is cool because it means startups aren’t just testing products, they’re also testing how to work together, and sometimes thatContinue reading “What’s driving employee satisfaction”

The arithmetics of throughput-based games

Back in the days when we were making games, I loved trying to more rigorously quantify the economy of a game, and how its core mechanics evolve numerically. Around 2010, a very popular game that existed in many variations was a type of game in which you had to manage a pipeline, for example byContinue reading “The arithmetics of throughput-based games”

Short trips through the complex plane

The other day I got obsessed with trying to find the smallest possible code to create the most interesting visual complexity. Fractals and in particular the Mandelbrot set come to mind quickly, so I wanted to visualize the Mandelbrot set, and I wanted to do it in Javascript in such a way that I canContinue reading “Short trips through the complex plane”